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We synthesise company commentary, aggregated news, and analyst opinion to produce actionable company profiles.
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Want to ask the CEO a question before you invest? We provide investors with an opportunity to Q&A with management.
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Small Cap Profiles

With over 1,500 small cap companies on the ASX, finding information can be a challenge. We aim to change that.

Straight from management's desk.

We interview each company to understand the story then develop an “investor friendly” version that’s easy to read and covers the critical points that investors want to know.


Analyst intelligence

Get analysts thoughts and perspective on each company. Analyst notes don’t attempt to make any recommendations, instead striving to deliver a balanced view on each company allowing investors to decide for themselves.


Tracked media coverage, every hour .

We provide links to a long history of news coverage, good and bad, from top publishers around the web.

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Some of our recent profiles

We profile new companies frequently. Here’s just a few of our recent stories.


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