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BOD Australia Ltd (ASX:BDA)

Chairman On Market Purchases & Optimised Board


What's New?

Bod Australia (ASX: BDA) has streamlined its board and management team. This includes the appointment of Mr. Mark Masterson as Non-Executive Chairman.

Who is Mr. Masterson?

Mr Masterson boasts two decades of experience in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors. He began his career with Johnson & Johnson before joining global healthcare giant, Abbott Laboratories (NYSE: ABT, market capitalisation: US$147.98Bn) where he held multiple senior positions. Mr. Masterson also held the role of CEO with Australia’s largest private diagnostic imaging network, I-MED. Following the acquisition of I-MED, he was appointed Chairman of Medicines Australia.

Mr. Masteron buys on market

Mr. Masteron bought 441,176 fully paid ordinary shares in Bod Australia subsequent to his appointment. You can see more about that here.

Who else has joined?

Bod has appointed Mr. Akash Bedi and Mr. Patrice Malard as Non-Executive Directors. This is a part of an exclusive agreement with NewH2, the innovation arm of the multi-billion dollar H&H Group to commercialise the Company’s CBD products.

Mr. Malard holds a PhD in microbial genetics and cell biology from the University of Lille in France and currently acts as Chief Technology Officer of H&H Group. Mr. Bedi has considerable experience working with growth companies and is the Chief Strategy & Operations Officer at H&H Group.

CEO's Summary

Jo Patterson

"Bod’s recent appointments bring additional technical and strategic experience to the Company as it progresses growth across multiple business divisions. Mark, Akash and Patrice bring incredible experience across pharmaceuticals, M&A, product development and commercialisation, which will be imperative to Bod’s next phase of growth. We look forward to leveraging their experience as the Company continues the commercialisation phase of its CBD products and grows its medicinal cannabis operations domestically and internationally."

Jo Patterson
CEO, BOD Australia Ltd

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