Homestay Care Ltd - HomeStay awarded contract by Odyssey Private Aged Care
Homestay Care Ltd (ASX:HSC)

HomeStay awarded contract by Odyssey Private Aged Care


What's happened?

HomeStay Care Limited (ASX:HSC "HomeStay Care") have been awarded a contract to provide next generation Assistive IoT technology to Odyssey Private Aged Care (“Odyssey”), valued at approximately $410,000.

What are the key highlights?

  1. HomeStay’s technology will be applied to Odyssey’s Independent Living Units development, under new construction and located at Robina on the Gold Coast, Queensland.
  2. Odysssey’s development is for a total of 152 apartments across 3 towers with HomeStay being awarded the contract to deliver assistive technology in the first 2 towers built, being 99 apartments.

Managing Director's Summary

Graham Russell

"Phil Usher, CEO of Odyssey, is a pioneer of change in the Aged Care industry, with significant experienced in the sector. Working with Phil and the Odyssey team uring the design of the Robina project was inspiring. They know the problems and challenges that Odyssey faces and could see the real value that our Assistive technology would provide for their residents to increase their independence and safety, while providing an enhanced lifestyle. Odyssey also recognized the operational efficiencies for the organisation, which would flow onto lower costs for their clients."

Graham Russell
Managing Director, Homestay Care Ltd

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