Salt Lake Potash Ltd - Paleochannel Bore Exhibits Strong Flow Rates And High Grades
Salt Lake Potash Ltd (ASX:SO4)

Paleochannel Bore Exhibits Strong Flow Rates And High Grades


What's happened?

Salt Late Potash (ASX:SO4) has announced positive results from the pumping of its paleochannel brine extraction bore at Lake Way.

What are the key highlights?

  1. Pumping of the initial brine extraction bore drilled into the Lake Way paleochannel delivered flow rates of 18 litres per second with a consistent Potassium grade of 7,100mg per litre (15.9kg/m3 SOP), sustained over a 17 day period.
  2. The results are significantly above average flow rates used in the Bankable Feasibility Study (BFS) of 8 litres per second (per bore) and average interpolated brine grades within the paleochannel of 6,100mg per litre (13.7kg/m3 SOP).
  3. Drawdown of brine observed in monitoring bores located next to the pumping bore aligned with hydrogeological assumptions used in the BFS.
  4. Two additional brine extraction bores have been completed along the paleochannel with pumping expected to commence in the near term.

For further information, please refer to the announcement linked below.

CEO's Summary

Tony Swiericzuk

"Strong results from pumping our first brine abstraction bore validates work undertaken as part of the BFS and highlights the value of the paleochannel resource which will be a significant contributor of brine supply to our ponds over the life of the project.”

Tony Swiericzuk
CEO, Salt Lake Potash Ltd

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