Uscom Ltd - Uscom Partners with A&D for BP+ New Advanced Modules.
Uscom Ltd (ASX:UCM)

Uscom Partners with A&D for BP+ New Advanced Modules.


What's happened?

Uscom Limited (ASX:UCM) today announced the signing of a development and supply agreement with A&D Limited of Japan.

What are the key highlights?

  1. The agreement relates to new technology being installed in the patented protected Uscom BP+ central blood pressure monitor.
  2. This supply agreement comes as the BP+ approaches regulatory approval in China and the US, and as Uscom transitions to volume manufacturing to meet the anticipated increased BP+ demand. The A&D module will be included in all new BP+ devices.
  3. The BP+ advanced central blood pressure (BP) monitor and its stand alone software, the BP+ Reporter, provides new information to improve diagnosis and management of hypertension and vascular health.
  4. A&D (Analogue and Digital) are a Tokyo based multinational company engaged in the development, manufacture and sale of precision measurement instruments in the Industrial and Medical and Health care sector. A&D was founded in 1977, and reported an annual revenue of ~$600m AUD in 2018, of which approximately 1/3rd was from the Medical and Health care sector, and it was capitalised at a value of ~$15B AUD on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

CEO's Summary

Rob Phillips

"Current hypertensive management is poor, and we have developed the BP+ to advance the science in this common and dangerous condition. Quality technology is critical for our devices, and this new partnership with A&D, world leaders in medical measurements and instrumentation, allows Uscom to provide clinicians with the best tools for BP monitoring and hypertensive care. These technologic co-developments have been in testing for 12 months and are now central to the new BP+ devices. Uscom’s philosophy is that improved clinical care will be driven by the implementation of advanced life-saving medical devices, and this is why BP+ is important.”

Rob Phillips
CEO, Uscom Ltd

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