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A battery metals explorer with its eyes on NW QLD Vanadium, Copper and Gold

Critical Minerals Group Ltd (CMG) is an Australian company with a principal focus of developing Critical Minerals projects. CMG’s flagship project is the Lindfield Vanadium Project based in Julia Creek, Queensland.

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Company Overview

Critical Minerals Group Limited (CMG) is an Australian limited company with a principal focus of developing Critical Minerals projects. CMG’s flagship project is the Lindfield Vanadium Project based in Julia Creek, Queensland which has a JORC Inferred resource of 210mt at 0.39% V²O⁵.

The critical minerals are those metals and non-metals that are considered vital for the economic well-being of the world’s major and emerging economies, however, their supply may be at risk due to geological scarcity, geopolitical issues, trade policy or other factors.

The Company has a granted exploration permit for the Lindfield Vanadium Project (EPM 27872), and has applications for two copper-gold projects, the Figtree Creek Project (EPMA 27998) and Lorena Surrounds Project (EPMA 27999).

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Meeting the Growing Demand for Minerals Critical to Ensuring a Carbon Neutral Future

CMG is a resource exploration company with the principal focus of developing critical minerals projects that are now required for the renewable energy transition including decarbonisation and electrification needed for a sustainable future.
Shallow JORC Resource

CMG have a JORC Inferred resource of 210mt @ 0.39% V²O⁵ at their flagship Lindfield project in Julia Creek Qld. The resource outcrops at surface down to around 30m, which could significantly reduce project CAPEX in the lead up to production.

Attractive Valuation

CMG intends to list with a $3.81M enterprise Value and a market cap of $8.81M and are well positioned to potentially add significant shareholder value through the advancement of exploration and feasibility studies including a potential JORC upgrade, Scoping Study, and Pilot Plant test work .

Greenfield Exploration Upside

CMG's Cloncurry-based Copper Gold projects are largely unexplored and located within a few kilometers of existing gold mines. Historical drilling shows an analogy typical to the IOCG mineralisation in the region.

CMG IPO Presentation

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Vanadium, Spearheading the Accelerating Energy Transition...

Bloomberg Analysts forecast the demand for Vanadium Pentoxide (V²O⁵) to grow at a CAGR of 30% to 2030. Driven predominantly by a growing demand for Vanadium Redox Flow Batteries as well as the global steel market. While Vanadium prices have risen dramatically in the past 12-months from a Jan 21 low of $5.00 to over $10.00 today, battery developers are keenly trying to lock in supply ahead of expected shortages.

The Guidehouse Insights Whitepaper

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...The Lindfield Vanadium Project

CMGs Lindfield Vanadium Project is its flagship project with 210mt V²O⁵ at 0.39% starting from the surface down to 30m deep. This large shallow resource provides an attractive strip ratio and the company hopes will lead to attractive economics in the upcoming scoping study. The resource is housed in shale rather than hard rock and is a continuous seam as seen in the cross-section below looking north through the tenement. CMG intends to focus on the resource above the base of weathering to capitalise on known processing techniques and expect the shallower resource to provide more attractive economics.

Project Location and Infrastructure

The 295km² tenement in the Northwest Mineral Province of Queensland Is located 30km from Julia Creek and is intersected by a rail system and the Flinders highway. The project is also is situated 650km from Abbot Points terminal via road and rail and has mains grid power access.

Lindfield Vanadium Project Peer Comparison

CMG's resource starts at surface and is of a high grade compared to peers, with the Company achieving a 0.39% V²O⁵ on a first pass JORC resource. Targeted drilling planned for July 2022 to increase deposit grade, tonnage and JORC category.

Lindfield Vanadium Project Development Timeline

Following the IPO, Critical Minerals Group will commence a significant drilling program at the Lindfield Vanadium Project with a potential near term resource upgrade. CMG will also be completing a scoping study within 6-12 months on the Lindfield Vanadium Project.

The Figtree Creek Copper-Gold Project

CMG 1 Pty Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of CMG, and has a pending application for an exploration permit (EPMA 27998). Fig tree Creek Copper-Gold greenfield a 70km² exploration tenement. The tenements are located 2km south of the Great Australian Mine which has a JORC resources of 1.68Mt @ 2.29% Cu and 0.23g/t Au. Magnetic anomalies in the south of the tenement are similar to that of the Great Australian Mine and remain unexplored due to an alluvial cover.

The Lorena Surrounds Copper-Gold Project

CMG 1 Pty Ltd, is a wholly owned subsidiary of CMG, and has a pending application for an exploration permit (EPMA 27999). The 51km² Lorena Surrounds Copper-Gold greenfield exploration tenement is situated in the Pumpkin Goldfield. The most southern of the tenements are located 2km from the Lorena Gold Mine which contains 200,000t @8.4g/t Au, and northeast of the Gilded Rose gold deposit of 143,500t @4.2g/t Au. Existing drilling shows analogy typical to the IOCG (Iron Oxide Copper Gold) mineralization in the region.

CMG IPO Prospectus

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Key Dates for the IPO

Please see below for the key dates surrounding the current IPO of Critical Minerals Group (ASX:CMG) shares:

Directors & Management

Critical Minerals Group has an experience and well-credentialed board and management team, featuring:
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Scott Drelincourt
Chief Executive Officer
Scott has over 16 years of experience as a General Manager, Executive, Geologist and Consultant.
Profile image
Alan Broome AM
Non-Executive Chairman
Alan Broome is a professional Director and Business advisor with over 40 years experience in the Metals, Mining and Energy Industries.
Profile image
Art Malone
Non-Executive Director
Art is an Energy and Resource Executive with a background in engineering compliance and management with over 15 years of experience in the resource space.
Profile image
Adam Purse
Chief Financial Officer
Adam is a Chartered Accountant with over 20 years experience in accounting, finance and mergers and acquisitions.

How do I Invest?

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