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Australian SME Lender, Mortgage Fund & Property Financier

N1 Holdings is a non-bank lender that provides strategic financing advice to SMEs, project developers and sophisticated property investors seeking new capital/debt, or refinancing existing debt. We assist borrowers through the complex processes of obtaining debt capital from Australian major banks, private funds, and offshore debt capital providers.

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Company Overview

N1 Holdings is a non-bank lender that provides strategic financing advice to SMEs, project developers and sophisticated property investors seeking new capital/debt, or refinancing existing debt. We assist borrowers through the complex processes of obtaining debt capital from Australian major banks, private funds, and offshore debt capital providers. N1 Holdings also plays the role as a direct lender (both as a balance sheet lender and manager of mortgage fund) in the Australian SMEs sector, the largest employers group in Australia.

With the growth in lending from non-traditional sources, such as alternative banks and non bank funders and lenders, N1 domestic and foreign strategic alliances are perfectly placed to advise businesses through this changing lending environment and debt/capital market. N1 core services include business lending, cross-border corporate financing, project funding, fund trustee services and vendor finance solutions.

N1 Holdings (ASX:N1H) established in 2011 by entrepreneur Mr. Ren Hor Wong (Executive Chairman and CEO), with headquarter in Sydney, N1 Holdings is an Australian Stock Exchange listed entity with offices in major cities of Australia, Shanghai of China and Kuala Lumpur of Malaysia. N1 is building one of Australia's largest multi-cultural business, financial and property services firm, with market leading technology and unique business model. N1 Loans (a subsidiary of N1 Holdings) has been recognized by media and industry peers as Australia top 10 mortgage brokerage firms consistently for the last couple of years.

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N1 Holdings internal credit risk team has significant credit experience with over $2.3b settlement in both residential and commercial loans since inception.

N1H has been Australia’s Top 10 Independent Mortgage Brokerage and Australia’s Top 20 Mortgage Brokerage Group. Top 10 Commercial and business loan writer in 2019 and 2020. Strong credit experience across lenders’ policy in the market.
Strong deal flows

N1H's multiple business lines with over 2,000 client data base provide a robust cross-referral origination network and vast network of brokers and SME clients providing N1H access to strong deal flows which is a major consideration in lending sector allowing the investment manager to pick and choose quality deals balancing risk return ratio, with considerations given to Leverage ratio, security location, borrower financial position, funding purpose and exit strategy.

SME lending capital reaches $100 million

N1H possesses efficient infrastructure for direct and rapid capital deployment, uniquely positioned as a direct lender in the market that access to large pool of quality borrowers with the ability to deploy capital up to $200m under current operational capacity

Exceptional Credit Risk Management Process and System Support

N1 Holdings strategically targets borrowers who are SME owners and professional investors who need quick short-term temporary/ interim financing solutions up 12-month or 24 months. The borrowers typically possess existing properties as assets with sufficient equity who look to borrow more than $200K through property-backed direct lending allowing asset strong SME owners to tap into their property equity for business purpose.

Latest Presentation

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Strong Revenue and Cash Receipts Growth

N1 Holding's Net profit was approximately $1.13 million (unaudited), compared to a net profit of approximately $140,000 for FY21, reflecting an uplift of 710%. The EBITDA was approximately $1.90 million (unaudited), an uplift of 76% compared to FY21. The firms Revenue was $11 million (unaudited), an uplift of 105% compared to FY21. Cash receipts from customers of $12.842 million for FY22, an uplift of 185% compared to FY21. Cash receipts from customers of $3.431 million for Q4 FY22, an uplift of 163% compared to the same period for FY21. Positive operating cash flow of $1.536 million for Q4 FY22 and $11.8 million for FY22. The Company’s cash balance as of 30 June 2022 stands strong at $14,143,000

N1 Asset Management - One Lending Fund - Property-backed SME Credit Fund

The One Lending Fund is property-backed, lends short-term capital to small and medium sized businesses located in Australia, thus providing strong, consistent and predictable returns. The Loans will be secured by first or second ranking mortgages over property located in Australia and in some cases personal/directors’ guarantees will be obtained. The underwriting, funding, and loan management is performed and managed by N1 Asset Management and we have a thorough underwriting process to make sure loans are only made to borrowers that have a high probability of success with the business and the ability to refinance the property if needed. Trustee is also performed by N1 Asset Management.

Niche Market

N1 Holdings has established itself in a niche of providing short term business finance which is a rapidly growing industry that has seen an increase in demand globally, and Australia is no exception. It is because of this demand that N1 Business Lending has become a leading provider of private finance loans and short-term business loans in Australia. N1 Holdings consistently delivers flexible solutions with best-in-market rates and swift and compliant loan processing. Brokers, Accountants & Financial Planners rely on our private short term finance solutions to assist their clients in bypassing cash flow issues, securing new equipment and financing expansions. N1 Holdings has helped numerous clients achieve their business goals while avoiding financial issues with ease. Through N1 Holding's private loans offerings, clients are assured of the best and most secure financial assistance. N1 Holdings continues to strive to deliver a seamless, reputable and beneficial loan experience for both borrower and referrer

N1 Holdings Capital Raising Milestones

As of 30 June 2022, the Company has committed SME lending capital in excess of $100 million and continues to raise funds for SME lending purposes, including One Lending Fund

Exceptional One Lending Fund Performance

N1 Holdings recorded quarterly revenue of $3.48 million (unaudited). The One Lending Fund revenue was $3.13 million (unaudited) for FY22. One Lending Fund’s revenue does not form part of the Company’s revenue (as this is a separate SME lending fund managed by N1 Asset Management, a 100% owned subsidiary of the Company

Directors & Management

The N1 Holdings senior management team brings strong acumen and credit management experience skill to drive the growth of N1 Holdings
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Mr Ren Hor Wong
Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Profile image
Ms Jia Penny He
Chief Financial Officer and Executive Director
Profile image
David Holmes
Independent Non-Executive Director
Profile image
Frank Ganis
Independent Non-Executive Director
Profile image
Anand Sundaraj
Company Secretary
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