Scidev Ltd - SciDev (ASX:SDV) secures MaxiFlox® sales contract with Eramet subsidiary Société Le Nickel (SLN)
Scidev Ltd (ASX:SDV)

SciDev (ASX:SDV) secures MaxiFlox® sales contract with Eramet subsidiary Société Le Nickel (SLN)


What has happened?

SciDev (ASX:SDV) announced that it has signed a contract for supply of its MaxiFlox® chemistry with SLN, a subsidiary of Eramet (EPA:ERA), the world’s number one producer of ferronickel. The contract will take place over eighteen-months and is expected to bring in US$0.7-1.0m in revenue over the term of the contract.

What are the key highlights?

  • SciDev announced that it has secured an eighteen-month MaxiFlox® supply contract for SLN’s Nepoui and Tiebaghi nickel operations in New Caledonia.
  • The Company announced that the revenue expected to be generated by the deal fall between US$0.7-1.0m over the term of the contract.
  • The contract follows a comprehensive period of evaluation of SciDev’s chemistry & OptiFlox® technology on-site by SLN and the SciDev technical team.

What does this mean?

The securing of the SLN contract by SciDev further validates the international application of their bespoke chemistry solutions in the mining and mineral processing space. SciDev's affiliation with a massive company such as Eramet stands as a testament to their products' quality and efficiency and the benefits they add to the end-users. Additionally, if SciDev can provide a tangible value add through its bespoke MaxiFlox® chemistry solutions, it will hopefully win further international business from prominent players in the mining space and potentially ramp up revenue in the years to come.


Managing Director's Summary

Lewis Utting

The agreement with SLN further extends the presence of SciDev chemistry and services across major mining projects in Oceania. SciDev’s technology can add real benefit to our customers processing abilities as well as reducing their environmental footprint. The continued growth of SciDev and our ability to work with and service major mining companies such as SLN highlights the caliber of the SciDev team in executing the technical evaluations through to commercial contracts with our customers.

Lewis Utting
Managing Director, Scidev Ltd

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