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A combination of world-class technology, chemistry, management and manufacturing.

SciDev is targeting the global US$10bn water treatment, N.A oil & gas and mineral processing markets with its unique and bespoke chemistry solutions for tier-1 customers.

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Company Overview

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SciDev Limited is a solids-liquids separation technology company. SciDev’s suite of services allow end users in the industrial and mining sectors to realise significant productivity improvements while delivering reductions in their water, wastewater, mineral processing and tailings treatment costs.

SciDev’s core technology addresses multiple market verticals. Through its OptiFlox® & MaxiFlox® technology, SciDev addresses the thermal coal (Peabody), coking coal (Bowen Basin), mineral sands (Iluka), iron ore, base metals (Las Bambas copper mine, BHP Olympic Dam), oil (Syncrude), gas and precious metals (Kemtec, Sinoz) markets.

SciDev are also supported by Chinese manufacturer Nuoer Group, which are the second largest producer of PAM globally.

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Delivering Revenue Growth

SciDev continue to grow revenues through the commercialisation of their OptiFlox and MaxiFlox technologies, including a A$8-A$12m revenue deal with Iluka Resources, one of the largest mineral sands producers in the world.
Validation + Traction

The technology, chemistry, team and manufacturing capabilities that SciDev brings to market are validated by its multiple A-grade clients across several market verticals.

Defendable & Sustainable

SciDev’s IP is a significant asset that has been developed over 10 years of R&D and forms a barrier to entry for potential competitors.

High-Quality Business Model

Only SciDev’s coagulants and flocculants can be used in the OptiFlox® system which gives the company a recurring revenue stream once installed.


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Recent Acquisitions

SciDev have acquired two revenue producing businesses, ProSol Australia ("ProSol") and Highland Fluid Technology ("Highland"). Both acquisitions have brought in experienced teams which will help the company scale its operations. The Highland transaction will allow SciDev to supply its bespoke chemistry for fluid recycling and water use in the US$2.5bn onshore oil and gas market. Highland have accepted scrip payment at A$0.60/share for the majority of its payment and consequently are invested heavily in SciDev's success as a listed vehicle.

Significant Organic Quarterly Sales and Cash-Flow Growth

SciDev’s clients include some of the largest industrial and mining companies in the world, which validates the commercial applications of SciDev's technology. This has led to significant quarterly revenue growth, with SciDev increasing its cash receipts from customers by +290% vs 1HFY20. Commercial trials have also recently begun at significant sites in new multiple market verticals including copper (Las Bambas Copper mine) and oil-sands (Syncrude, one of Canada's largest oil-sands companies). SciDev has had a phenomenal 24 months with 70% of growth stemming from organic business development activities, which means solving problems for SciDev Customers, 30% came from inorganic activities such as Highland Fluids and Prosol.

World-Class Cornerstone Investor

SciDev has secured world-class manufacturing capability by entering into a binding Heads of Agreement (HoA) with Nuoer Group, the world’s second-largest producer of water-soluble polymers. This HoA gives SciDev exclusive distribution and marketing rights in Australia and other Oceanic countries for Nuoer’s polymer products. Nuoer has also recently become a strategic cornerstone investor in SciDev.

Core Technologies

SciDev’s suite of services allow end users in the industrial and mining sectors to realise significant productivity improvements while delivering reductions in their water, wastewater, mineral processing and tailings treatment costs. SciDev are also fast tracking its patent-pending xPAM technology to solve current and pressing needs in the oil & gas sector.

Experienced Team

SciDev has a world class team, including:
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Lewis Utting
Chief Executive Officer
Lewis brings deep industry connections to the company, being an ex-BASF senior executive. BASF is the largest chemical company in the world, with turnover of ~EUR62bn.
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Jamiel Muhor
Business Development Manager
Jamiel Muhor has been appointed Business Development Manager to help continue SciDev's rapid growth.
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Jeffery Zhiang
Marketing & Strategy Director
Nuoer Chemical Australia’s (NCA) Jeffery Zhang (joined February 2019) who is being utilised to drive growth as SciDev’s new Marketing & Strategy Director
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John Fehon
Chief Financial Officer
John Fehon joined SciDev Limited as CFO in February 2020 with experience in senior financial roles in Australia, Asia, Europe and USA.

Cost Savings

One of the key benefits for end users is the cost savings that customers experience by switching to SciDev's technology. With SciDev’s bespoke chemistry solutions, organization see a decrease in operating budgets, increase in recyclable water volume, improvements in operational performance and a reduction in waste streams and costs.

SciDev Videos

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Multiple market verticals

SciDev’s core technology addresses multiple market verticals. Through its OptiFlox® technology, SciDev addresses the thermal coal (Peabody), coking coal (Bowen Basin), mineral sands (Iluka), iron ore, base metals (Las Bambas copper mine), precious metals (Kemtec, Sinoz) and oil sands (Syncrude) markets. The company’s core technology also has extensive applications in the industrial sector via its DairyFlox®, and MaxiFlox®.

SciDev Overview

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How it all works

Every business SciDev works with around the world is unique. SciDev digs deeper to understand the specific requirements of each customer by providing bespoke chemical solutions.
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Key Announcements

Management comments and explanations on key company announcements.
SciDev’s (ASX:SDV) soon to be subsidiary Haldon Industries awarded contract with Sydney’s Gateway Road Project
Wednesday 28/04/2021
SciDev (ASX:SDV) Cash Receipts Up +194% PCP in Latest Quarterly Activities Report
Monday 12/04/2021
SciDev (ASX:SDV) Extends its Presence in the Water and PFAS Sector Through the Haldon Industries Acquisition
Monday 29/03/2021
SciDev (ASX:SDV) secures MaxiFlox® sales contract with Eramet subsidiary Société Le Nickel (SLN)
Thursday 11/03/2021
SciDev (ASX:SDV) announces MaxiFlox® field qualification trial with Fortescue Metals Group Ltd
Wednesday 10/03/2021
SciDev (ASX:SDV) Announces the Extension of Their Relationship with ExxonMobil.
Friday 26/02/2021
SciDev (ASX:SDV) Chairman Resigns in Ongoing Board Rejuvenation Process
Tuesday 09/02/2021
SciDev (ASX:SDV) Announces Stellar Half Year Results Delivering an Inaugural Net Profit of A$0.4m
Monday 08/02/2021
Scidev (ASX:SDV) Appoints Engineering and Consulting Veteran of 35 Years to the Board.
Wednesday 03/02/2021
Scidev (SDV:ASX) Delivers Promising Quarterly Activity & Cashflow Results
Wednesday 13/01/2021
SciDev delivers Record A$9.4m Quarterly Sales
Wednesday 14/10/2020
Strong Recovery in US Oil & Gas Sector
Friday 25/09/2020
SciDev FY20 Full Year Results
Monday 31/08/2020
SciDev chemistry to be trialled at Olympic Dam
Thursday 20/08/2020
SciDev and Flotek partner to deliver chemistry to a major Eagle Ford Shale Basin drilling program
Tuesday 21/07/2020
Successful AUD$5m Placement with AUD$2m Shareholder Purchase Plan to follow
Thursday 16/07/2020
June 2020 Quarterly Activities Report - SciDev delivers record cashflow
Tuesday 14/07/2020
SciDev expands contract in the Infrastructure Sector
Thursday 09/07/2020
Canadian Oil Sands Trial Update
Friday 26/06/2020
SciDev awarded first Services Agreement in the Infrastructure Sector
Tuesday 05/05/2020
SciDev and Nuoer strike strategic joint venture to accelerate global growth initiatives
Monday 27/04/2020
SciDev delivers first quarter of positive cashflow
Tuesday 07/04/2020
Record AUD $4.8M Month of March Sales
Wednesday 01/04/2020
No adverse supply chain implications from COVID-19
Tuesday 24/03/2020
SciDev chemistry to be trialled in the Canadian Oil Sands industry
Tuesday 03/03/2020
SciDev Ltd (ASX:SDV) revenue up 382% in 1H FY2020 results
Thursday 27/02/2020
New Order with Phoenix Process Equipment Company
Wednesday 12/02/2020
Q2 FY2020 Quarterly Activities Report
Wednesday 29/01/2020
SciDev's chemistry to be trialed at the Las Bambas Copper mine in Peru
Tuesday 14/01/2020
SciDev accelerates its penetration of the US$2.5bn U.S. oil & gas market via strategic acquisition
Thursday 02/01/2020
SciDev Progress Update
Wednesday 20/11/2019
SciDev continues to strengthen its team during growth phase
Friday 25/10/2019
SciDev makes strategic ProSol Australia acquisition
Tuesday 22/10/2019
Iluka Resources Deal
Tuesday 01/10/2019
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