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Accelerating sales in high margin international markets

Vmoto specialises in high quality electric powered two-wheel vehicles and manufactures and distributes a range of European designed electric scooters.

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Company Overview

Vmoto Limited is a global scooter manufacturing and distribution group. Vmoto manufactures and distributes a range of high quality and European designed electric scooters from its wholly owned 30,000 sqm state of the art manufacturing facility in Nanjing, China.

The Company recently established a wholly-owned European subsidiary and warehouse in the Netherlands to support its strategic focus of accelerating sales into the high value, high volume European market. It has also established an Italian company with its Italian joint venture partner.

Vmoto’s two primary brands are the E-Max (Vmoto’s proprietary brand, targeting the international B2B markets with a high end premium delivery product) and the Super Soco (a third party brand Vmoto markets into international B2C markets).

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Expanding European Sales

Vmoto remains adequately funded to support its strategic expansion into Europe and other international markets.
Unique competitive advantage

Vmoto holds of one of a limited number of Chinese manufacturing licences for two-wheeled electric scooters

Legislative change

Many European countries are offering monetary incentives to consumers who switch to electric vehicles

Global distribution

Vmoto is represented in more than 35 countries via 31 international distribution partners

Latest presentation

Click here to download Vmoto's latest presentation

Growing Sales

Vmoto is showing a clear upward trajectory in unit sales into Europe, which is evidence that its international expansion plans are successful. Over 80% of Vmoto's sales are from European customers. The most recent half year saw revenues climb 96% PCP to over A$16m.

Ducati and Vmoto Partnership

Well known Italian motorcycle manufacturer Ducati entered into a world-wide licensing agreement with Vmoto which is validation of Vmoto's capabilities and is expected to increase awareness internationally.

Global Distribution

Vmoto have over 30 distributors across the globe which allows the company to provide effective and timely delivery to customers and distributors.

Manufacturing Expertise

Vmoto have the licensing necessary to create two-wheeled motorcycles in China. Vmoto is able to produce European styled scooters which attract a high margin in the international market.

Experienced Team

The V-moto team are highly experienced, with decades of ASX experience and business success in the automobile and manufacturing industries.
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Phil Campbell
Non-Exec Chairman
Profile image
Charles Chen
Managing Director
Profile image
Ivan Teo
Finance Director
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Shannon Coates
Company Secretary

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